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Our Simply Thriving Story

As an avid baker and recipe enthusiast, it was a steep learning curve entering the gluten free world almost a decade ago.  Being gluten free was not an option for our family but a necessity due to health needs.  Add on to that several other allergies and special food needs and the task seemed daunting.  The challenge lay before me to create delicious and healthy foods for our growing family while also having life be as simple as possible.   That challenge I readily accepted and thus began our gluten free journey.   The key for us was developing our own proprietary gluten free flour blends which are the basis for all of our Flour Blends, Baking mixes and baking.  After that, the next step was jumping into developing or converting regular recipes that tasted amazing and would allow us to thrive in our simple gluten free life.   This has been a journey but one for which I am grateful.  We are completely gluten free in everything we create whether home, family or business.  Our desire is to live life simply while thriving in the process.  

We invite you to join us in this journey.  We would love to fill baking orders for you if you reside in the Edmonton area, ship our flour blends, baking mixes or bath/body items to you across Canada or enjoy perusing our blog and recipes.  We believe everyone, no matter the special food needs, should be able to have delicious food.  Long gone are the days of gluten free tasting like cardboard.  

Simple.  Delicious.  Always gluten free. #simplythriving  

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