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Specials for Friday, March 11th!!!

SPECIALS!!! Here are a few flash specials for pickup Friday, March 11th. These specials are hugely reduced in pricing as a bonus to you:

—Take and bake vegan cinnamon rolls 4 pk $7.50, 8 pk $14.50, icing $3

—Baked for you vegan cinnamon rolls 2 pk $7 or with vegan vanilla icing $9

—4 grain bread vegan or regular gluten free bread $5.50, 4 pk buns $5.50

—Cinnamon bread vegan or regular gluten free $6

—Raisin bread vegan or regular gluten free $6

—Cookie 6 pks $8 (may include double chocolate, butterscotch chip, raspberry or strawberry thumbprint, monster, chocolate crinkle, and otters)

—pies (listed in on our Facebook page, and website, please email us if you would like to see pie list and pricing)

All specials are limited in quantity. When quantities fill, specials will no longer be offered.

Pickup is Friday, March 11th. Anytime after 12 noon.

Ordering of specials is via our Facebook and Instagram pages or emailing us here.

Payment of specials is via e-transfer or cash at pickup.

You can add more of our baked fresh items or readily available items from our shop via our shop (or messaging us) to your order for pickup March 11th.

A little bonus to you!!!

Thank you for being part of Simply Thriving!!!

Feel free to message us with your order.

Simple. Delicious. Always gluten free.


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