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We are Glad that you are Here!

Welcome Simply Thriving friends and family to our new website. We are so glad to have you here! Not only do we want Simply Thriving Eats to be a place where you can order delicious eats, yummy treats, fantastic body and home products but also a place where you can find community, recipes, information and maybe even a smile. And of course 100% gluten free. You are welcome here.

A little bit of housekeeping before we jump into sharing simple, yummy recipes and other tings that we have planned for our blog community:

--You can find many answers to your questions by going to our FAQs page.

--For all of our baking, we are Baking to Order. As a home based bakery we do not keep our baking on hand all day every day. Hence, why we offer Tuesday and Friday as our Baking to Order days.

--You can find our weekly Baking to Order Menu by clicking SHOP and then clicking on WEEKLY BAKING MENU. All of our baking items and flavours for that week are listed there.

--At checkout please write in the ADD A NOTE at the bottom of checkout page if you would like pickup for Tuesday or Friday and your preferred time between 11 am -9 pm.

--Tuesday orders need to be placed by 8 pm Sunday. Friday orders need to be placed by 8 pm Wednesday.

--If you would like to place an order for another specific date or have specific food needs please contact us with all your info via the Get in Touch button. We will respond as quickly as possible.

--All of our Flour Blends, Baking Mixes, Elderberry Kits, Syrups, Bath, Body, Home and partnering with Em & An Creations are available to order. They can be SHIPPED across Canada or available for local pickup. Most items require a 3 day lead time. Em & An Creations orders require a 7 day turnaround time (based on the time of they year it may be slightly shorter or slightly longer).

--Flat rate shipping is available across Canada. This is an option at checkout. Flat rate shipping is $16.50.

--Kindersley Combined Orders are available each month. Orders need to be placed by the 20th of each month. This is an option at checkout. Combined shipping rate is $8.

--If you are in other areas and would like combined shipping for you and others in your area please contact us about that option.

--We are located in Larkspur SE Edmonton and provide safe contactless porch pickup each Tuesday and Friday. We space out our pickup of orders to ensure a space for each person. Your items are clearly marked with your name and set out about 5 minutes prior to your pickup time.

--Please include your email address or text number and we will contact you with our pickup address after you place your order.

--We plan to offer delivery in Edmonton and surrounding areas (Beaumont, Leduc, Sherwood Park, St. Albert) ONCE a month for a $10 fee. OUR NEXT DELIVERY DATE IS TUESDAY, MARCH 16. YOUR ORDER FOR DELIVERY NEEDS TO BE PLACED BY SUNDAY, MARCH 14 @ 8 PM. Please choose the delivery option at checkout. Please include your ADDRESS in the notes and ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE A LOCATION FOR US TO SAFE PORCH DROP. Drop off time will be after 4:30 pm on each delivery day.

--We would love to have you as a MEMBER. How do you do that? Click on the little circle that looks like a person's head at the top of each page. It is on the right hand side. Then it will ask you to sign up with your email. Being a member not only allows you to see when we place blogs, specials, sales etc... BUT we will also have sales, specials, early access, limited items and other fun things from time to time that are just for MEMBERS. You will not want to miss out on them.

If you have any questions about our site, our products or our family run home based bakery and business we would love to hear from you. Thank you for being part of our Simply Thriving friends and family community. We are so excited!! #simplythriving

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