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  • Specials for Friday, March 11th!!!

    SPECIALS!!! Here are a few flash specials for pickup Friday, March 11th. These specials are hugely reduced in pricing as a bonus to you: —Take and bake vegan cinnamon rolls 4 pk $7.50, 8 pk $14.50, icing $3 —Baked for you vegan cinnamon rolls 2 pk $7 or with vegan vanilla icing $9 —4 grain bread vegan or regular gluten free bread $5.50, 4 pk buns $5.50 —Cinnamon bread vegan or regular gluten free $6 —Raisin bread vegan or regular gluten free $6 —Cookie 6 pks $8 (may include double chocolate, butterscotch chip, raspberry or strawberry thumbprint, monster, chocolate crinkle, and otters) —pies (listed in on our Facebook page, and website, please email us if you would like to see pie list and pricing) All specials are limited in quantity. When quantities fill, specials will no longer be offered. Pickup is Friday, March 11th. Anytime after 12 noon. Ordering of specials is via our Facebook and Instagram pages or emailing us here. Payment of specials is via e-transfer or cash at pickup. You can add more of our baked fresh items or readily available items from our shop via our shop (or messaging us) to your order for pickup March 11th. A little bonus to you!!! Thank you for being part of Simply Thriving!!! Feel free to message us with your order. Simple. Delicious. Always gluten free. #simplythriving

  • Pie Day!!!!

    With Pi Day (3.14) coming up I think it is time to make some pies!!!!! Would anyone like to order pie for Friday, March 11th??? Fruit pies (mixed berry, blueberry, apple, cherry, raspberry, peach, Saskatoon, strawberry) Baked (you can easily freeze for later use): Small $8 Large $20 Take and Bake (frozen and you bake when ready): Small $7 Large $18.50 Cream pies (coconut cream, banana cream, chocolate cream, peanut butter, pumpkin) (you can freeze if desired): Small $12 Large $32 Meringue pies (lemon, butterscotch)(you can freeze if desired): Small $12 Large $32 Pecan pie (you can freeze if desired): Small $10 Large $30 All pie options are now available on our shop. These will be made fresh Friday, March 11th. Please pre-order by Wedneday, March 9th @ 8 pm. If you would like vegan or paleo please message us for options. Small is 1-2 servings. Large is 6-8. Depending on how large of slices. **Our next baking to order day is Thursday, March 10th so you could add freshly baked items to your pie order as well as any of our readily available items. ** Pickup for pies will be for anytime after 12 noon on Friday, March 11th. If you have questions I would love to answer them. Simple. Delicious. Always gluten free. #simplythriving

  • Special Donut ordering day Saturday, Jan 27th

    A special ordering day — Boston Creams, Coconut Cream, Maple Cream, Long Johns and Eclairs are available to order for Saturday, January 29th!!!! If you would like to order please place your order by Thursday, January 27th @ 8 pm. You can add other readily available items to your order as well for pickup that day. All items can be viewed on our shop. We can freeze for a later pickup date as well. These donuts and eclairs will not be offered very often. You won’t want to miss out!!! Have a great day and we would love to answer any questions you may have. Simple. Delicious. Always gluten free. #simplythriving

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  • Facts | Simply Thriving

    FAQs Do you have questions? You have come to the right place. If you cannot find the answer to your question please contact us directly as we would love to help you. Yes, we are 100% gluten free in everything we make. Being a family who has food health needs, this is very important to us. You can find more info about us in our About page as well as our Blog. ​ Even if you do not have to eat gluten free you will loooooove our baking. Give it a try ​ A few new things: --Bath, Body & Home: we have some of our amazing bath, body and home items on sale. They are all discontinued so we encourage you to stock up on your favourites. ​ --Baking & Food: we have items that are available to purchase and pickup anytime (based on our availability). Look for the ribbon "Available for Pickup anytime." You can request your pickup time at checkout and we will coordinate with you . ​ --B aking & Food : our Baking to Order days are the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month . Please have your order placed by 8 pm on the Tuesday prior (for example if ordering for Thursday, January 13th please place your order by 8 pm on Tuesday, January 11th). You can also add any "Available for Pickup anytime" items to your Baking to Order. --Local Contactless Pickup i s available for any of your orders at our location in Larkspur, Edmonton. --We are offering contactless delivery for a small fee on the 4th Thursday of each month . We are offering two rates, one for within 25 km and one for 26-40 km. This can be for Baking to Order as well as "Available for Pickup anytime" items. The Delivery options are available at checkout. ​ -- Custom orders: Any of our items are available to order for your custom request. Please contact us with your desired items, date, pickup time and any special food needs. We will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange details. ​ --Shipping: we are offering shipping across Canada. Details are at the checkout. ​ If you would like a SPECIFIC DATE, have SPECIFIC FOOD NEEDS or a large order please visit our "Baking & Food can be ordered for your desired date" to view a selection of what we can offer you. Then, please contact us via our Get in Touch button. ​ Em&An Creation Items--items may be readily in stock, however most require a 3 day lead time. There is the possibility that they can be available earlier than 7 days. Baking for Specific Dates and Specific Food Requests: Please use our "Get in Touch" form at the bottom of our page to request your order for a specific date or if you have special food needs (such as dairy free, etc...). Please include what date you are looking for, what items, flavours, quantities etc... and we will strive to respond ASAP. We do take specific food need requests such as dairy free, egg free, etc... Prices for specific food needs will be accordingly and upon availability. You can scroll through all baking items and flavours that we offer by going to Shop. ​ For Specific Dates and Requests we ask for a minimum 3 days notice, the further notice the better that we will be able to accommodate your request. Based on our availability. ​ We cannot reserve nor guarantee your order until we have received payment or until you have contacted us about paying at pickup. If paying via offline method, please e-transfer the total asap or message us to state "cash at pickup". Once we receive your payment your order spot is reserved. ​ For Cakes and Iced Sugar Cookies: Please contact us PRIOR to ordering with our specifics such as DESIRED DATE FOR PICKUP, SIZE, FLAVOUR, TYPE and any other details we may need (such as if there are any specific food needs). We will respond asap to your request and let you know if we have availability. ​ Contactless Safe Porch Pickup: we make safe porch pickup available for all of our orders. Your items will be set out on our safe porch pickup table just prior to your pickup time. Your items will be clearly marked with your name. Contactless porch pickup is FREE for all your items. ​ Location: We are a home based business and home based bakery located in SE Edmonton in the community of Larkspur. We use as many organic ingredients as obtainable. You will taste the difference in our small batch, fresh, high quality, organic baking, flour blends and mixes.. Please contact us with your dietary requests and we would love to help you. All Baking, Flour Blends and Mixes are made with our own Freshly Ground ingredients (as organic as possible) and our own handcrafted recipes. ​ Regular Gluten Free contains: A’s Flour Blend (organic: brown rice, sorghum flour, tapioca starch, millet flour and xanthan gum). Regular gluten free contains dairy, eggs and organic cane sugar unless specified. If you require dairy free or egg free please contact us prior to ordering. ​ Paleo Grain Fee Gluten Free Flour Blend contains: organic-almond flour, arrowroot flour, coconut flour, cassava flour and tapioca starch. Grain free gluten free is dairy free (we use organic almond milk), contains eggs and organic coconut sugar. If you require specific food needs please contact us prior to ordering. ​ Organic Buckwheat contains: organic buckwheat and tapioca starch ​ FOOD NEEDS SUCH AS DAIRY OR EGG FREE: If you have specific food needs such as Egg Free or Dairy Free we would love to hear from you. We are very familiar with various allergies and food needs and tailoring our recipes to those. Please contact us via our Get in Touch button and we will respond as soon as we can. Various food needs will be priced accordingly. ​ All of our sales are final. We are SafeFood certified and have taken the necessary courses for running a home bakery. ​ Thank you for visiting us @ Simply Thriving! 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  • How to order | Simply Thriving

    How Do I order? Welcome to our Shop!!! Grab a cup of tea, sit down, put your feet up and take a look around. You can see the wide selection of all that we offer by clicking on Shop. In our drop down menu under Shop you will find our array of Collections. There are some important features to our Shop: ​ --M OTHER'S DAY MENU -- We will be accepting orders for pickup May 6, 7 and 8 for our Mother's Day Menu. You can find our Mother's Day Menu by clicking on Shop "Mother's Day". ALL MOTHER'S DAY ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY 8 PM TUESDAY MAY 4TH. We will have limited spaces available for each day May 6, 7 and 8 so please do not hesitate in placing your order. Also certain of the items will be limited in quantities, if you have your eye on something please do not hesitate to order. Anyone can order off of this menu, it is not just for Mothers :) ​ --Weekly Menu -- Our current weekly baking to order day is Thursday. We ask that all orders for our Weekly Menu (Thursdays) buns, breads, donuts, crullers, baking selections be placed by 8 pm Tuesday evening each week. Please place in checkout your desired pickup time (between 11 am-9 pm) on Thursday and we will confirm with you our availability. Weekly Baking to Order Menu can be found by clicking SHOP and clicking WEEKLY BAKING MENU. --Extra Baking Available -- If we have extra items available in stock we will list them in our Shop under Extra Baking Available. You can order these items any time for pickup Tuesday-Friday 11 am -9 pm, based on our availability. Generally, these items are frozen. If you need another day for pickup please contact us and we will let you know if we can accommodate. --At checkout, please place in the notes your desired pickup day and time (any time between 11 am-9 pm). If we need further information we will be in touch. ​ --You can add any Bath, Body, Home, Em&An Creations, Flour Blends, Baking Mixes, Syrups that are in stock to your cart and purchase at any time . We ask for a 3 day lead time on most of those items and a 7 day lead time on Em&An Creations items. They can possibly be available sooner. Please place in the notes your desired pickup day and time (any time between 11 am-9 pm). If we need further information we will be in touch. ​ --At checkout, you can choose to pay online via credit card through our secure server. Or you can choose Offline Payment and e-transfer your total to . If you prefer to pay via cash at pickup you are welcome to as long as you have had one prior order with us. If you are paying cash please place in the notes "cash at pickup" and we will message you to confirm. Your order is confirmed once we have received payment or confirmed with you "cash at pickup". ​ --You can view a variety of items that we can bake for you in our Baking & Food that can be ordered on our Shop. If you would like any of those items you are welcome to place a custom order request (such as cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc....) Please use the Get in Touch button. Please send as much details as possible in your request what items you are interested in, what date/time needed, if there are specific food needs (such as dairy free, egg free, vegan, etc...). ​ If you have further questions please Get in Touch with us and we would be delighted to answer. Enjoy your visit, From all of us @ Simply Thriving

  • About | Simply Thriving

    Our Simply Thriving Story As an avid baker and recipe enthusiast, it was a steep learning curve entering the gluten free world almost a decade ago. Being gluten free was not an option for our family but a necessity due to health needs. Add on to that several other allergies and special food needs and the task seemed daunting. The challenge lay before me to create delicious and healthy foods for our growing family while also having life be as simple as possible. That challenge I readily accepted and thus began our gluten free journey. The key for us was developing our own proprietary gluten free flour blends which are the basis for all of our Flour Blends, Baking mixes and baking. After that, the next step was jumping into developing or converting regular recipes that tasted amazing and would allow us to thrive in our simple gluten free life. This has been a journey but one for which I am grateful. We are completely gluten free in everything we create whether home, family or business. Our desire is to live life simply while thriving in the process. ​ We invite you to join us in this journey. We would love to fill baking orders for you if you reside in the Edmonton area, ship our flour blends, baking mixes or bath/body items to you across Canada or enjoy perusing our blog and recipes. We believe everyone, no matter the special food needs, should be able to have delicious food. Long gone are the days of gluten free tasting like cardboard. Simple. Delicious. Always gluten free. #simplythriving

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